How do I install the presets?

Lightroom: Unzip the downloaded file. Open Lightroom and go into develop mode. On the left hand side choose an existing folder under presets or create a new one. Right click on the folder you want to import the presets to and right-click on it. Navigate to the folder with the presets you have unzipped and select all the presets and choose import. That is it.

Aperture: Unzip the downloaded file. Open Aperture and select the adjustments tab. Make sure you have a photo selected and click the presets dropdown under adjustments. Select edit presets and create a new folder in the window that opens by clicking the small icon in the bottom left of the window. Name your folder and highlight it. Go down to the icon on the bottom left again and choose import – navigate to the folder with the unzipped presets and select all – then click import. That is it.

What versions of Lightroom and Aperture do I need?

The Lightroom versions of the presets are made for and tested with Lightroom version 3. The Aperture versions are made for and tested with Aperture 3. The Lightroom presets will work with Lightroom 4 as well, but might produce a slightly different result than Lightroom 3.

How do I use these presets?

Because no image is the same, the Pro Line presets will produce different results based on the character and quality of the source image. Often you may find that the presets are best utilized as a starting point for your editing. The one setting that will come in most handy is the exposure settings that will tweak the preset to your exact image.

Can I use the presets for commercial work?

Yes you can use the presets for any type of project you would like without any credit needed.

Is it OK to share the presets?

You may under no circumstances redistribute, resell or share the presets from the Presetspond Pro Line.

Can I get a refund?

No refunds are given. All sales are final. Make sure you have Lightroom 3+ or Aperture 3 installed depending on the package you are downloading.